Schedule your free water assessment

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    Water Testing

    Pinnacle’s trained and licensed professionals know the right steps to take to analyze individual water treatment scenarios and to properly correct problem areas. If you have a known issue with your water’s taste, look, smell or you need a precautionary test, we can help.

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    Visit And Analysis

    We schedule a visit to go over your water situation. Whether you have a business, or a single-family home, we’ll test your water using standards developed by the water quality association and accepted by the EPA, then we will explain the results, discuss your water problem so that we can come up with a viable solution.

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    Once we’ve determined your water quality, Pinnacle’s professionals will go over the results and suggest steps that should be taken based on those conclusions. We’ll listen to what your concerns are, and come up with a proposal to solve your water problem, and fits your individual need and budget

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    Pinnacle’s trained professionals will provide the best equipment to complete your job. Our focus is on your satisfaction with the entire process.

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    Maintenance and Delivery

    We not only provide professional installation of water treatment products, but we have the supplies to keep those products working in top shape. Home and business of maintenance items are available to service the equipment. We provide salts(s) like potassium chloride and sodium chloride, filters, cartridges, and many other items for your filtration equipment.