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Pinnacle H20 is the number one resource for residential and commercial water solutions in Harris county. We aims to serve all families by providing accurate water analysis, informative proposals and clean water using only the highest quality filtration systems.

About Water

While the United States water supply is considered among the safest in the world, the quality varies throughout the country; it still contains many contaminates that pose health risks. Attempting to control these risks and reduce contamination, chlorine, which is a type of disinfectant, is added to the water supply. Chlorine interacts with these contaminates creating a class of organic compounds known as total trihalomethanes (TTHMs), the most common of which is chloroform. TTHMs can have several side effects which can be found

TTHMs is one of the many different contaminants that present in most tap water supplies. Houston water supply had 30 contaminants listed before Hurricane Harvey.