Benefits of Soft Water

Who doesn’t need water every day? It is the most basic need in the world. It has remained the one necessity to survival and performance of many daily tasks in our lives. However, the water we consume and use may not completely be safe all the time! Thus, putting you, your money and home somewhat in risky conditions.

In general, the water found in the U.S. is the hard water, and the same goes for some other parts of the world. You might be aware that hard water contains many inorganic particles including calcium, iron, sulfur, magnesium, limestone, and lead.

Even the water flowing in your city may be contaminated by industrial run-offs and waste from sewage if you are unlucky. Ultimately, you are prone to having unfiltered or hard water, which may not be completely “unsafe” all the time, but it’s not even fully safe either. You have a right to have the best.

So why to take the risk even if it is minimal when you can make your water better?Water softening is a process that removes the impurities and minerals on any hard water thus clearing the likely negative effects on your home. The water softener systems are there to help you out in this regard.

And our systems have a mammoth sum of benefits. Seems interesting?

Keep your eyes on as we dive into the benefits are in this article!

Water Softener Using Benefits At Home

1. Reduce/ Eliminate Water Pipes’ Repair Cost

You might be one of them who needs to call plumbers now and then in order to repair your water pipelines! Although you fix them much often paying a lot of bucks; they still get clogging. The blame may actually go to your water which is not perfect at all.

The hard water that is coming to your home is bringing magnesium, calcium, and other mineral particles thus blocking your water supply now and then. As a result, you might be having frequent damage and poor water supply on your water system.

Not to worry! The natural mineral build-up can be eliminated by using our Westinghouse System.

This system will remove minerals those are harmful to your home pipes and then converts your hard water into soft. Moreover, Our system will also keep your pipelines clean for an extended period, blocking recurring repairs.

2. Care For Clothes

Who wants to shorten the lifetime of the clothes, make them hideous or feel uncomfortable? We all know that clothing means a lot to us and we aim to care for our clothes the most.

The way we are dressed is the way we are addressed and we all like our clothes looking sharp.

Well, washing your clothes with hard water, you can damage your clothes and lessen the quality. Of course, you own many types of clothes such as pants, shirts, shorts, towels, dishcloths, pillow cover, bed sheets, and the list can go on.

Be mindful that hard water comes with substances, which can cause the damage micro-fibers of your clothes. On the flip side, another type of water that is also known as soft water does care for your clothes. Soft water is gentle in nature when it is used to get rid of dirt from your clothes giving you the best results.

Having soft water, you will get comfy, soft, and great looking clothes to wear. This type of water also extends the lifespan of the clothes. Some researchers claim that soft water systems advances the quality of the fabrics by 15% while washing your clothes as well as making them brighter and cleaner.

3. Get Hair-And Skin-Friendly Water

The beauty products with quality like shampoos and soaps are there in allowing you to have soft, fair and healthy skin. But the question is, are they sufficient for you or do they offer a complete treatment for your skin and hair?

Of course, the answer is “No”.

The water has a great role to play to affect your hair transformation and the overall skin. But the problem comes into reality when people use hard water to bathe. The hard water is no way good for your hair and skin.

It brings the lifeless look to your hair and makes your skin dry. It may also trap the dirt coming out of your body creating molecular particles from your soap.

If you do not want to this happening, may wish to buy a water softener system for your loving home. The system can help you eliminate impurities from water and rejuvenate your body.

A water softener makes the bacteria flushed away and eventually can give you softer skin and healthier hair. Owning a water softener system, you can say goodbye to hair and skin irritations and welcome a fresh-looking and healthier you.

4. Less Maintenance For Home Appliances

I assume that you own bundles of home appliances that use water like a humidifier, washing machine, dishwasher, air conditioner and the like. They have a certain lifespan that would be preserved with quality maintenance and care.

The lack of awareness regarding proper maintenance and the hard water makes the water-utilizing home appliances prone to frequent damages and the repair.

This is because the hard water affects the inner mechanism, parts, and efficiency of appliances and ultimately eating away the lifespan of those.

Be mindful that your water choice may make a huge difference in your life! So, it might be a good idea to get a home softener to solve such issue.

You can also get many companies on your doorsteps to have a customized water softener for your whole home. This will not only save your home appliances from early aging but will save your house tools and budgets.

5. Get Better Water Taste

You may not in a position to drink water from a faucet directly without worrying about the health risk. Direct water from a tap can be not-so-good in taste and smell and can also be unhygienic as it contains some minerals, which are horrid in smell and taste.

However, some people still having such unpurified water because they are unaware about the danger of so or have no choice.

As you are reading this article, I can assume that you do have options to choose the better and you are conscious about your health.

So, why not making your water taste better?

Just try to have a water softener today for your home and cancel out the unpleasant smell and taste from your water. It will remove unnecessary minerals and offer you with odorless and healthy yet great-tasting water.

6. Save Your Money

Well, investing some money in a water softener system is a pretty good idea. Because with the installation of water softener, you can save money for sure. Sound interesting? Let me explain!

Once you have such a system at your home, you are likely to have fewer damages with your instruments and appliances. You need to call the plumbers less often, so you need not spare an extra budget for repair and maintenance of your home appliances.

It is expected that you will get your investment back very soon yet giving a smooth and hassle-free lifespan for your water-utilizing appliances and thus saving money in the long run.

Moreover, a water softener system also helps in reducing your electricity bills. Quality and less disruptive appliances always consume less energy. So, lessen the energy needed to operate the appliances, lower the electricity bills will be.

Soft water removes unwanted particles that clog the pipes, which make your machines to ask for more energy to run.

So, make a wise decision and try to have a water softener system and let the appliances to operate with full potential and maximum performance. I can assure you that there would be no scope to regret!

7. Extend The Life Of The Appliances

As mentioned before, a water softener system “softens” the water in an attempt to make your hard water into soft water. It is done by removing unnecessary minerals from your water.

This process actually helps your appliances to have an extended life cycle. It is further true for those appliances which are not manufactured for or meant to use with hard water.

If you are unaware of the ultimate requirement of such appliances, you are most likely to end up having issues and clogging that, which was due to the mineral formation.

Therefore, you may get 7 to 8 years of a lifetime instead of a full quality output of, say, 10 years. So, a water softener can be a lifesaver for your home appliances and help them to lasts longer.

8. Spent Less Money On Soap And Detergents

Water is an integral part of soap usage while soap breaks the surface tension of water droplets. Nevertheless, soap gets different sorts of chemical reaction based on the type of water is used whether hard water or soft water.

Hard water makes the soap less lathery or resistant making you buy more to get cleaned your stuff properly. Hard water also makes your appliances spent more time on cleaning to remove sticky strains.

Well, the good news is, you have a better alternative- the soft water that will make you worry free and allow you to have more bang for your buck.

You can save a lot of soap when you just install a water softener in your home. Soft water helps you to have more soap lathers and thus require you to put less soap to clean easily.

It leaves more room for you to save your money. Noteworthy to mention, it also enables you to clean your stuff in lesser time.

Some water softener installation companies showed a scientific finding that soap usage dropped by 80% when we actively use soft water in our cleaning process. However, the result in the real-life scenario could be different.

Some say the reduction of soap usage is 50% to 60% with detergents, shampoos, dishwashing soap, washing powder, and the like when we use soft water instead of hard water. Although, these percentages are well below 80%, still, the figure for savings is still great!

9. Say Goodbye To Water Spots

The cleaning process of kitchen kits could be somewhat tricky especially when you are not sure what type of water is flowing over your tap.

Although kitchen utensils look washed and clean, there might have some stains and water spots. Sometimes, these spots leave permanent marks on the utensils which are actually due from mineral buildup.

In this instance, the hard water might be the real culprit, but not the dishwasher. Such spot contamination caused by mineral particles could be avoided by usage of soft water. Well, how you will make that you are the victim of such case?

You may consider looking at your kitchen utensils to find any stains or spots. If your audit is positive regarding your forks, spoons, and metal items, you may try to use a water softener and see whether it helps.

I am confident that you will get some difference for sure and this is not an assumption but based on real-life observation.

10. Spend Less Time On Cleaning

Cleaning seems to be a hectic task, at least, for some people. This situation goes even worse if someone aims to use hard water. So, the solution is soft water, which is not that much hard to get with. Just get a water softener system, sit back and relax! Just like that!

The cleaning process with soft water at home takes around half the time than that of hard water. The soft water also makes you feel softer in your hand.

For instance, if cleaning a car with soft water take an hour in the morning, the same process may take a whole day, for example, from you with hard water.

The car cleaning job is not an easy job as it looks to be. But a water softener system can make it easier for you by erasing rough and hard-to-remove dirt the earliest possible and give your car a shiny and “brand new look”.

11. Make Your Heating System An Efficient One

You might have some kind of heating and cooling system at your home. In that case, you might consider using a soft water system to make them efficient.

Do you have any factories? If yes, even they can get benefit from using water softener systems as some machines and associated goods need a consistent heating system for better performance.

The usage of soft water in the heating pipes necessarily improves the competence of the system. The less heat loss translates into more output in energy. Not to forget, it will also keep you in a preponderant position regarding energy consumption curtailing your electricity bills as mentioned earlier.

12. Minimize The Risk Of Minor Skin Diseases

When bathing with soft water, hard water in combination with soap and shampoo can develop soap scum on the body or cause your skin to become sticky. The reason this occurs is due to calcium and magnesium in hard water mixing with anions which are found in soaps.

Even rinsing will not dissolve this mixture. Instead, the film will remain and clog your pores, causing bacteria to grow which leads to rash development, skin irritation, and dry and itchy skin.

Use of hard water on the skin can even cause acne. In fact, if you have acne troubles, it is recommended that you wash your face with bottled, distilled, or soft water instead.

Rinsing with hard water can also lead to developments of eczema. In one study, it was determined that those who used hard water on their skin were 50% more likely to develop eczema than those who used soft water.

In another eczema study, which involved children participants, it was found that 91% of children who received a water softener in their home noticed that they were less itchy. 83% of the parents reported that the severity of their rashes or eczema decreased and 67% of the group were using less medications for the eczema.

Bottom Line: Bathing in soft water is better for your skin than hard water. With hard water, calcium and magnesium can mix poorly with soap to cause buildup which clogs pores and leaves a film on the skin. Washing your skin with soft water will clear up acne and prevent rashes and eczema.

13. Get A Speedy Return On Your Investment

You may expect to have your return on investment within two to four years. The information highlighted above suggests that the water softener systems save a lot of money by lessening the repair and maintenance cost and the use of soap, and  detergents.

Not sure if you need soft water, call us to have a water analysis done for your home.

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